20 Days, 20 Donors,
£5,000 up for grabs!

£2000 per year for your team is achievable! This is only just the beginning…

As you know, this 20 Day Challenge was our first ever. Run as a club-wide competition with 50 clubs and over 900 teams involved, with clubs that hit the target* added into a draw with a chance to win £5000. Unfortunately, none of the clubs hit the target (not to worry, it was our first test of a new concept!) that doesn’t mean that those who put in the effort won’t still be rewarded.

Here is the breakdown, congrats if your team were successful!

The amount every individual team who hit a minimum of 20 donors will be awarded
GiveToLocal Kit!
Every team who hit 20 donors will get to select their choices on our visit
£250 Extra!
Blyth Spartan Juniors U11s awarded as the standout team
It doesn’t stop here, we are committed to all of you hitting this target eventually

To those clubs receiving kit and funds, well done! GiveToLocal’s work with your club isn’t a sprint but a long-term partnership.

Our data and marketing teams have learned an awful lot throughout the 20 Day Challenge, and it is all stuff we can apply to benefit each and every one of you.

To find out more about the Social Media Campaign we can run free of charge to get donors and sponsors for your club and what our Sponsorship Team can do in your area please get in touch via team@givetolocal.com

*Which is 80% of the total arrived at by multiplying number of Teams x 20 Donors (e.g. 10 Teams x 20 Donors @ 80% = 160 Donors across the club)

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Our Corporate Partners

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If you would like to see your favourite local businesses support your club by becoming part of the GiveToLocal Community, we are more than happy to make that happen!