We're aiming to put £10 million a year into community sport

About us

The team behind GiveToLocal have spent decades playing in, coaching, living and breathing grassroots sport. Over the years, we have experienced the same challenges many clubs face. We firmly believe that working with clubs, sponsors, partners and the governing bodies we can change the future of grassroots, and we are very excited about the road ahead.
If you would like to know more about us and our mission please feel free to get in touch. We are always keen to meet with like-minded people and provide help and support whenever and wherever possible. Below you will see some of the team that are dedicated to securing the future of our local clubs. They look like a happy bunch, because we are all passionate about what we do and get to see the positive impact our work has every single day.

Neil Gardiner
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jerome Iveson
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Rebecca Gardiner
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Colin Stromsoy
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Matt Wade
Director of Technology
Sebastian Hatton
Director of Digital Marketing
Simon Rushworth
Media Manager
Collette McKenna
Executive Assistant
Keith Watson
Club Engagement Manager
Scott Wall
Internal Engagement Manager
Jamie Finn
Multimedia Executive
Sam Allan
Digital Marketing Executive
Lee Quinn
Sponsorship Engagement Executive
Gillian Wood
Service Representative
Akvilė Jadzgevičiūtė
Oscar Maung-Haley
Media & Communications Executive
Laura Herbertson
Service Representative
Luke Collins
Partnership Executive
Mark Seaton
Product Designer
Barry McGovern
Visual Designer
Fraser Provan