Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

October 22, 2021

Campaigns Spotlight

For clubs looking to start their fundraising journey with GiveToLocal, we’ve recently launched an innovative new feature called “GiveToLocal Campaigns”. Campaigns are a simple and powerful way for clubs all over the UK to raise thousands of pounds quickly, keeping every penny in the process! They also provide a great opportunity to get both local people and businesses behind a cause that’s close to each club’s heart. We’ve had some excellent campaigns coming through and felt it would be important to shine the spotlight on some noteworthy examples.

Junior Red Star YFC

A football club that’s looking to raise £4,000 to purchase three defibrillators. They’re keen to stress that “the use of a defibrillator (along with CPR) can produce survival rates as high as 70% - an incredible difference. As a club facilitating football for 100+ children, access to this potentially life-saving equipment is vital.”

Crossover Basketball Association

In a truly sterling effort the club are looking to raise £5,850 to provide sessions with therapeutic focus for young people carrying developmental trauma. In what’s a key charitable objective of theirs, Crossover Basketball Association feel the use of sport as a vehicle to improve outcomes for individuals and communities can have a big impact.

Percy Main Amateurs

Currently operating out of facilities that they now deem tired and unfit for purpose, Percy Main Amateurs are seeking to raise £5,000 to contribute towards the essential rebuild of their club's pavilion. With a modernisation project, this 102 year old club has its sights set on growth, with a key aim to attract greater numbers of junior and female participants.

The City of Hereford Boxing Academy

Also looking to build upon the great work they do in the community, The City of Hereford Boxing Academy is aiming to raise £5,000 to fund coaches to work alongside social services young offenders & other organisations. The teaching of boxing, life-lessons and discipline are at the core of this club, stressing that “it is a way to get children off the streets and into something where they feel part of a positive boxing family”.

Manchester Bees

Over in dodgeball, the Manchester Bees are keen to raise £1.000 to support the growth of their club and to further develop the junior academy. This will be used to purchase new kit and equipment, allowing them to continue to deliver high quality training sessions to members.

Briercliffe Community FC

In the cold and darker months, the club are unable to use their pitches at home. They’re now looking to raise £3,000 to purchase portable floodlighting. Avoiding having to pay costly pitch hire elsewhere, this will ensure young players and the community can use their facilities all year round.

Dan Dixon, Head of Community Engagement, comments: “These are just a small selection of some excellent causes we’ve seen that are set to launch with GiveToLocal Campaigns. With ZERO FEES, every penny each clubs campaign brings in, they keep. Our team are ready (and excited!) to find out more about what matters to each club and if there’s something in particular they’d like to fundraise for, we are on hand to help!”

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