Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

July 12, 2021

Club Futures Campaign now live!

Following months of preparation and an incredible amount of work with clubs and partners all over the country in anticipation of a return to normality, our Club Futures Campaign is now live.

Justin Lockwood, along with the help of some of our clubs and our fantastic media team has teased details of this exciting campaign over the last few weeks.

The exciting initiative, designed to help clubs embrace the support on offer from GiveToLocal and bounce back from the global pandemic is now in action, and our team couldn’t be more thrilled.

For those who are new to GiveToLocal, we are all about creating sustainable futures for our community sports clubs and our Club Futures Campaign is designed to do exactly that.

Over a period of almost four years now, we have been building close relationships with those in both the sporting and the business community to develop a model which can have a truly transformational impact on club funding.

Now as an organisation that support clubs in 21 sports we are proud to say that our Club Futures Campaign has been designed to take the model to the masses, a move which is set to benefit thousands of clubs and in turn hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the UK.

Neil Gardiner, Chief Executive at GiveToLocal, said: “We are incredibly proud of the work our team has done to get to this point.

“Every step we have taken, from the outset, has been with clubs at the centre of our decision-making.

“We feel very privileged to be in the position where we have such enthusiastic support from clubs all over the country, clubs who recognise what we are here to do and want to be part of the change ahead.

“Those who first hear about GiveToLocal as part of this campaign could be forgiven for thinking they have just now come across sports fundraising’s best kept secret.

“But for those in the know, the clubs and the partners who have worked with us to test things, refine things, go down cul-de-sacs, make mistakes and correct them – this big push has been a long time coming!”

“When we sit back and think about the impact we can have on an individual club level, and then just how many clubs could benefit, that is when we recognise the potential scale for what is ahead with GiveToLocal,” said Colin Stromsoy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at GiveToLocal.  

“Our aim has always been to make a difference and as we invested in building our teams, our system of support and our technology in the months and years preceding the launch of this campaign it has been clear to us that so many other people also want to be part of making that difference too.

“With different sports going live at different points over the coming weeks, you will see a flurry of activity and positivity coming from us here at GiveToLocal, as well as from our clubs and our partners who make what we do not only possible but also sustainable.

“Keep an eye out for our upcoming Club Podcast series, with the first one launching tomorrow. This is a great way for us to show the very clubs behind our mission and the real impact we can have for clubs and the people within those clubs in communities all over the UK.”

If you are interested in securing a minimum of £10,000 in sustainable funding per year for your club, then register with GiveToLocal and take your chance to “Go live and get funded in four simple steps” via www.givetolocal.com/clubs