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May 23, 2021

Family Look Forward To Florida Dream Trip

Last summer Serena Ord and her family bagged a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World Florida through our #InspiredToGive campaign.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic put the family’s holiday hopes on hold and forced them to reschedule.

Despite the trip being pushed back the mum of three has kept her hopes high and is still looking forward to her family’s American adventure.

“We’re all still really looking forward to it but I think it’s still kind of not sunk in,” said Serena, from Rugby.

“It’s a big thing for us to be able to go to Florida. It’s been quite a big dream. And obviously the kids have never been abroad so it’s going to be a massive deal for them.

“I had already prepared the kids that we probably won’t be going until next year with things the way they are.

“So, when I told them it wasn’t too bad. They did have their sad little faces on but they know it’s still going to happen.”

The kids aren’t the only ones looking forward to the Stateside escape. Both Serena and her partner have been working all through lockdown and are just as excited at the prospect of a holiday.

“My partner’s working quite a lot and doing night shifts,” said Serena.

“It’s been a strain and we often don’t get a lot of sleep so the holiday really is a break for us all to look forward to.

“To be honest we kind of had a sigh of relief knowing it wasn’t going to happen in August because lockdown hasn’t been good to our bodies and we want to feel healthy when we go.

“We can’t wait to get there next year and send everyone at GiveToLocal some great photos!”