Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

Focus Clubs Kick Off Key Fortnight

Community sport clubs across the country are ready to prove sport’s power to do good with the GiveToLocal Focus Clubs initiative officially underway.

The first group of clubs will get their hands on an updated version of our user-friendly app after attending what's expected to be a packed launch night webinar.

And the second batch of Focus Clubs will join them next week as each club takes their first steps towards tens of thousands of pounds of additional, sustainable funding.

“This initiative is an amazing opportunity for enthusiastic clubs up and down the country,” explained Laura Herbertson, Service Representative at GiveToLocal.

“We’re right behind them and ready to take them through the simple and effective steps required to secure sustainable funding for their teams.

“I’m so excited to be on this journey with our Focus Clubs and I can’t wait to see what they can all achieve in the coming weeks.”

Last month we invited clubs across the GiveToLocal community to apply for Focus Club status.

We were inundated with hundreds of incredible applications and invited representatives from the standout clubs to take part in a series of webinars explaining the thinking behind the Focus Clubs initiative.

From there our Focus Clubs were carefully selected and briefed on how GiveToLocal can work most efficiently and effectively for them – and all of our registered clubs.

“There has been lots of learning and lots of testing,” said Keith Watson, Club Engagement Manager at GiveToLocal.

“We have taken key feedback on board and our technical team has updated the app to ensure it’s easier than ever for donors and sponsors to get behind community sport.

“This is perfect for the clubs that are really enthused about what we do and ready to take the next step towards achieving sustainable funding.

“Becoming a Focus Club means dedicated access to our team and the chance to shape the way we do things moving forward.

“Working with these clubs on a daily basis is so uplifting – hearing their enthusiasm and their support for what we’re trying to achieve together gives everyone a boost.

“They’re building teams within a team to focus on increasing their funds and they’re constantly telling us why this support can be truly transformational.

“Hearing those stories convinces me that each and every one of our Focus Clubs can make a huge difference to their local communities.”

To find out how our Focus Clubs are progressing check back here soon.

To register your interest in registering your club with GiveToLocal visit www.givetolocal.com/clubs