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May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Backs £4m Made By Sport Fund

Grassroots sport clubs and organisations affected by the global pandemic are being encouraged to apply for their share of a new £4m recovery fund.

Charity Made By Sport has launched its Clubs In Crisis fund to coincide with the phased return of grassroots sport across the UK — starting this month.

And GiveToLocal is backing a key initiative as we continue to play our own part in helping communities look forward to a bright future.

“We started talking to Sophie [Mason, Chief Executive of Made By Sport] prior to the pandemic and we’re keen to support the Clubs In Crisis initiative,” said GiveToLocal CEO Neil Gardiner.

“Anything that enables clubs to access additional funds is very welcome right now. We know that better than most.

“It’s possible that a number of the clubs we’re working with could benefit from the Clubs In Crisis fund and we’d encourage those clubs to find out more.

“The grassroots sport sector needs to take a collaborative approach to supporting clubs.

“By working together, we can have an even greater impact.”

The Clubs In Crisis fund opens on April 12 with unrestricted grants of up to £2021 made available to successful applicants.

The £4m pot is intended to support groups that use sport as a vehicle for social good for young people in the local area.

And it is hoped that the additional funding will enable clubs and organisations to further develop the range of life skills and knowledge that benefit the community as a whole.

Sophie Mason, Chief Executive of Made By Sport, said: “Whilst community sport provision is in a precarious state right now, there has never been more recognition that sport is fundamental to our individual, community and societal development.

“If sport at grassroots level is denied, we risk a huge rise in mental health issues and anti-social behaviour and face a shortfall in the life skills that lead to better employment opportunities.

“This fund will make a massive difference to thousands of communities across the UK.”

Made By Sport actively encourages clubs to consider GiveToLocal’s service as a means of sourcing long-term sustainable income.

And both organisations are fully committed to safeguarding the community sport landscape.

As the UK begins to plan for a post-pandemic future, community clubs continue to play a vital role in the recovery of young people and to improve mental health through the power of sport.  

According to Made By Sport, sport returns £4 for every £1 spent on reductions in spending on crime, truancy and ill health.

The charity has found that young people who are physically active thanks to their local sports clubs and organisations can show up to seven times better levels of teamwork, six times better levels of greater resilience and five times better communication skills.

“There’s no question that sport can have a positive impact on communities,” added Neil.

“Made By Sport and GiveToLocal can play a key role in supporting those clubs at the heart of their communities.”

To find out more about how your club can apply to the Clubs In Crisis fund click here