Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal CEO Neil Gardiner Joins Our Podcast!

GiveToLocal CEO Neil Gardiner has joined Justin in the latest episode of our podcast to chat about the exciting times ahead for the organisation.

The pair discussed how much they’re looking forward to the return of grassroots sport and what’s kept Neil motivated during one of the hardest periods for communities across the UK.

“Hearing the positive feedback from volunteers is what makes the whole thing worthwhile to be honest,” said Neil.

“None of our sports clubs would exist without volunteers. Without the passion and the commitment of the people who give up their personal time — for something that is ultimately for the community — grassroots sport couldn’t happen.

“And for us that’s the whole point of why we set this up. GiveToLocal lets coaches coach and lets parents be parents as opposed to being fundraising advocates who are working to keep their club going.

“Ultimately, what we wanted to be able to do was to bring technology to clubs to relieve that stress.”

Neil is already proud of what GiveToLocal has achieved since opening its doors in December 2019.

But, for him, this is only the beginning and there’s much more work that still needs to be done to create a more sustainable grassroots sports landscape across the country.

“We’ve only just started on this journey and that’s what’s exciting,” he continued.

“People are enthusiastic and appreciative of what they’re achieving right now but many of our clubs are at 10% of where we think they can get to.

“That’s the bit that keeps us going because we realise how much even a small difference makes.

“We can see how the little things that we’re tinkering with behind the scenes, the stuff that we’re working on right now, are going to be getting people even more enthusiastic.

“To us there’s no end to what we think we can do. And the fact you’ve got real people out there receiving the benefit — that’s what gets you up in the morning.”

Catch the full podcast with Neil on our podcast page now — there’s a chance to win a £500 voucher for your club by telling us a story about a volunteer who inspires your club, your members and the local community by going that extra mile when it matters most.