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May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Founder Remaining Positive

In response to the evolving situation surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19, GiveToLocal Founder Neil Gardiner has urged communities to stick together in the face of the unprecedented challenges ahead.

Coronavirus has left its mark upon both professional and grassroots sport across the UK, with almost every sporting league postponing its season indefinitely.

Alongside the impact the virus has had upon the sporting community, it has also caused stress for local businesses, who are also feeling the ramifications of a potential lockdown.

And Gardiner urges people to stick together, with the GiveToLocal Chief Executive keen to stress that the organisation would be on hand to help support grassroots clubs and businesses during these hard times.

“Any organisation that is out there to support people face-to-face and provide a service has been impacted by the coronavirus, we are no different,” said Gardiner.

“However, we see this as a chance for GiveToLocal to focus on the positives around what we know we can do to support the organisations, clubs and businesses, that work with us.

“The whole vision behind GiveToLocal, from the outset, has always been a vision of collaboration.

“We encourage local businesses to support their local clubs and, in turn, provide a way for those local clubs, and their members, to then support those local businesses.

“GiveToLocal is about bringing communities together through a platform that makes it easy to communicate and support each other with a method that is affordable, easy, attractive and rewarding.

“People are facing very real challenges at the moment, so the message from us at GiveToLocal is support your local communities.”

Having founded GiveToLocal out of a desire to bring communities together, Gardiner is aware that the times ahead will not be easy for everyone.

But he added that the current situation across the UK has only reaffirmed his desire to press ahead with GiveToLocal’s vision.

“The idea behind why the organisation is called GiveToLocal, as opposed to something like GiveToGrassroots, is because we want to encourage a two-way relationship between grassroots clubs and local businesses,” said Gardiner.

“The relationship between the two is mutually beneficial, for the club from a recurring, sustainable funding perspective.

“Businesses receive custom and recognition off the back of their support for their local community.

“Our purpose is about facilitating local support and making it rewarding for the partners involved, on both sides.

“Ultimately, what’s in the middle are the people who are part of that club or run that business and it’s about bringing them together, using technology to create and sustain relationships between real people.

“That’s our vision and there probably hasn’t been a time when our vision has been more relevant.”

“Our team has been working very hard over the last few days to put some plans into place and we hope to release some positive news in the coming days to widen the support we can offer to clubs and businesses alike.

“Our hope is that, in some way, it can go towards countering the swathes of negative news we are all subject to at the moment.”