Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Partners With Cambridgeshire FA

GiveToLocal is delighted to announce that Cambridgeshire has become the latest county Football Association to join our rapidly expanding community.

The agreement between the two organisations will aim to provide secure, sustainable funding for grassroots football clubs across the county.

Cambridgeshire’s backing now means that GiveToLocal has secured the support of six county FAs after agreeing partnerships with Northumberland, North Riding, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Suffolk.

And Joanne Bull, Chief Executive Officer for the Cambridgeshire FA, is excited by the prospect of what GiveToLocal can offer both clubs and businesses across the county.

“I think GiveToLocal is a great initiative,” said Joanne.

“I love the way that the concept is centred around the club itself and the wider local community - rather than simply encouraging interaction with no attachment to either.

“It has the potential to be able to build up communities and I like the way that local businesses are also able to offer targeted discounts to their community.

“The model that GiveToLocal have built goes full circle and I really love that aspect of it.”

With major uncertainty surrounding all of grassroots football, clubs across the UK are attempting to navigate the COVID-19 landscape as best they can.

And Joanne emphasised that GiveToLocal is a service that has the potential to bring communities together during the challenging times brought on by the coronavirus.

She added: “I think the benefits for the clubs that are a part of GiveToLocal will be that there is an opportunity for them to be able to reach out to their immediate communities.

“GiveToLocal, as a platform, will be another means of keeping communities together.

“Once we begin to move out of lockdown, I think people will be really keen to support local initiatives, so I think that the 'local-ness' will be very appealing to people.

“GiveToLocal can be a platform for clubs to raise some much-needed extra funds to help them out during these challenging times.”

With Cambridgeshire joining the GiveToLocal family, it now means that the organisation has received the support of six county FAs.

And with a number of new partnerships also currently in the works, GiveToLocal Director of Strategic Partnerships, Colin Stromsoy, echoed Joanne’s positivity.

“This is a really exciting development for us and we’re thrilled that Cambridgeshire FA has chosen to work with us,” he said.

“At the moment, the road ahead for grassroots clubs and local businesses is one full of uncertainty.

“Now, more than ever, we need to make sure we’re all pulling together to come through these challenging times.

“I have no doubt that Cambridgeshire FA will be an excellent partner for GiveToLocal and I am incredibly excited to be working with Joanne and her team as we look towards the future.”