Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Partners With GoCardless

GiveToLocal has kicked off a high-profile partnership aimed at pushing through £5m of funding annually for grassroots football.

The innovative service provider is working alongside recurring payments platform GoCardless - a key player on the global stage boosted by $75m of US investment last year.

And bosses at the North Tyneside-based organisation believe this invaluable relationship can revolutionise income generation for football clubs across the UK.

“We needed to be certain that people signing up to our service are able to do so with confidence,” explained Neil Gardiner, co-founder and Managing Director at GiveToLocal.

“It was important that we partnered with a trusted and forward-thinking recurring payments platform and GoCardless ticked all of the boxes.”

More than 30,000 teams nationwide have now signed up to use GiveToLocal’s app-based service - backed by Newcastle United stars including Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Dummett.

Ensuring regular income, guaranteeing secure payments and providing transparency is central to a model based on donors and sponsors supporting their local teams and clubs with small regular monthly donations.

And the GiveToLocal team travelled toLondon to co-host a business-focused launch and networking event at GoCardless’s UK headquarters.

Investors, footballers and national media joined GiveToLocal management to discuss an exciting vision for the future around the grassroots game.

“From day one GoCardless have been very excited at the prospect of supporting GiveToLocal's mission to deliver predictable funding to grassroots sports,” said Steve Reidy, UK General Manager.

“There is a perfect synergy between GiveToLocal's business model and GoCardless's capabilities and I am very passionate about where this partnership will go.”

Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer for GoCardless agrees.

“For us, talking about perfect partnerships – from a commercial and business perspective – it makes sense,” said Phelan.

“However, from a personal perspective, there’s no one in this organisation who hasn’t looked at what we’re trying to achieve with GiveToLocal and hasn’t been really inspired by it.

 “I am incredibly proud to be in a situation where we can make sure that these people, who work so hard day in and day out to provide a life skill to kids, don’t have to worry about next Saturday.”

GoCardless processes $10bn in transactions a year and counts 50,000 businesses around the world as customers- from start-ups to household names including TripAdvisor and The Guardian.

Last February investors including GV (formerly Google Ventures) provided $75m worth of funding to further strengthen GoCardless’s position as a market leader. 

GoCardless’ broad remit includes seeking out socially diverse partnerships with a strong community focus.

And Gardiner added: “I think that’s why we are such a good fit.

“GiveToLocal recognises that grassroots football volunteers across the country struggle to maximise their clubs’ potential for generating regular income.

“We recognise that these clubs sit right at the heart of their communities and play a key role within those communities.

“GiveToLocal isn’t about asking people to donate and giving them nothing in return.

“Our incentivised-giving platform gives donors access to rewards, offers and discounts from a growing number of local businesses, on everything from cappuccinos to carpentry.”

Product Director Jerome Iveson, together with husband and wife team Neil and Bex Gardiner (Operations Director) co-founded GiveToLocal in late 2018 following more than 18 months of development. 

And the rapidly expanding organisation employed 27 people towards the end of 2019 with several specialist staff joining this month.