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May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Serves Up Tennis Support

Tennis has become the latest sport to join the GiveToLocal family, as our mission to revitalise community sport across the UK continues.

The announcement takes the number of sports GiveToLocal supports to 15 – with work well underway to ensure that more clubs from more sports can benefit from the organisations innovative service and methods of support.

And GiveToLocal Club Engagement Manager Keith Watson is confident that now is the perfect time for the organisation to swing open its doors to support tennis.

“We’re delighted to have added tennis to the wide range of sports that GiveToLocal supports,” said Keith.

“Since January this year, when we were only supporting football clubs, we’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of different sports clubs eager to get involved with GiveToLocal.

“Over the course of the year, we’ve added so many different sports to the GiveToLocal family.

“We took on board the number of tennis clubs that had been enquiring about our service and worked to put the systems in place to expand our support to help these clubs.

“This is something we are keen to do for as many sports as possible, which is why were are continually investing in the development of our systems and expanding our own team”

With COVID-19 having shut down community sport for the majority of 2020, grassroots sport clubs across the UK have been left facing a number of difficult challenges.

But despite these challenges, GiveToLocal CEO and co-founder Neil Gardiner believes that now is a great time for tennis clubs to get behind GiveToLocal, to allow them to plan for their future.

“Our service is proven to work for clubs that are live and active on the GiveToLocal platform,” explained Neil.

“No-one could have predicted what the majority of 2020 would look like. To be frank, coronavirus has hit community sport hard.

“But here at GiveToLocal, we want to help clubs look forward. We want clubs to approach their future, not with fear, but with excitement.

“That’s why we’re rolling out our support for tennis. It is an example of another sport where we can assist clubs, helping them to be secure in the knowledge that their future is safe.”

To register your clubs interest in GiveToLocal, click here.