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May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Staff Feature: Lee Quinn 

After years working in retail, Lee Quinn wanted to use his customer service skills to make a real difference.

“Before I came to GiveToLocal I had worked in mobile phone shops for roughly 10 years,” explained Lee.

“I enjoyed doing face-to-face sales, managing a team and working towards targets but because I’d done it for so long it started to get a bit “samey”.

“It was fun, I enjoyed it and I worked with some great people. But retail just wasn’t satisfying anymore.”

GiveToLocal founder and CEO Neil Gardiner knew Lee through a mutual friend and knew of his reputation for excellent customer service, even going to Lee specifically for company mobiles when founding GiveToLocal to experience it first hand.  

So it made sense that when Neil was looking to build the Sponsorship Engagement Executive team, Lee came straight to mind.

“When Neil approached me it was a no-brainer to get involved with GiveToLocal,” said Lee.

“I loved the idea and I knew Neil was more than capable of making it a huge success.

“When I first got on board, I worked with Neil to develop some of the systems we use now at the organisation and I helped put together some of the material people see when they first hear about GiveToLocal or start the process of being involved.”

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, Lee’s role at GiveToLocal changed in March having only been brought onto the team in January.

Originally building the model for the field-based team connecting local businesses with grassroots sports, during lockdown Lee moved over to the club engagement team - helping to get clubs online and benefiting from the GiveToLocal platform.

“With the pandemic kicking in I couldn’t go out and approach local businesses anymore with all of the restrictions,” explained Lee.

“I’ve become quite heavily involved in the club engagement side of things now. I’m involved at the first point of contact for clubs that initially register with us.

“If someone goes onto the website and submits a form to say that their club is interested in joining GiveToLocal, that form comes from my team. We then process it and take them through the registration.

“So, if anyone’s got any questions about literally anything up to the point of receiving the app, we’re there to help them through it.”

Previously working for organisations where giving feedback to the upper echelons of management seemed virtually impossible, Lee has relished the opportunity to have his voice heard at GiveToLocal.

“Although there is a management hierarchy at GiveToLocal, it doesn’t feel like that when you’re around everyone,” said Lee.

“Anytime there’s a meeting about literally any process, everyone is involved in it and everyone is welcome to ask any questions or give their feedback and suggestions.

“When I first came along I was pulled into meetings and maybe I didn’t know a lot about what was going on at first. But I was still really comfortable and able to contribute my opinion.

“I’m not going to go all soppy and say it’s like a family but I do really get on with everyone here - it’s class!”

With GiveToLocal expanding rapidly, Lee is looking forward to getting the opportunity to progress through the organisation.

“The opportunities for growth at GiveToLocal are endless,” said Lee.

“The more work you put in the further you can go. If you express an interest in a certain department you can feasibly move into that or help with other aspects of the organisation.

“I feel like going forward I’m not just going to be stuck in one place. I know there’s going to be opportunities for me to move up further down the line and I’m looking forward to making a big difference with GiveToLocal.”