Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

GiveToLocal Staff Feature: Seb Hatton

Mixed martial arts fan Seb Hatton is well aware of the impact GiveToLocal could have upon community sports clubs across the UK.

“When you’ve been involved with a sports club, you begin to understand what the benefits of being part of GiveToLocal could be,” said Seb.

“I used to be quite sporty and I was really involved in taekwondo - I’m a massive mixed martial arts fan!

“For clubs like my taekwondo club, GiveToLocal would have been a massive help because all sports clubs are happy to receive any form of extra funding they can.”

Initially getting involved with GiveToLocal through CEO Neil Gardiner, Director of Digital Marketing Seb brings a number of assets to the organisation’s bustling team.

“Neil and I had been friends for quite some time,” said Seb.

“When he explained the concept to me, I recognised that he was going to need someone to lead a digital marketing team…thankfully he agreed!

“I want to be able to support local communities and I was more than happy to come on board with GiveToLocal.”

At GiveToLocal, Seb is responsible for improving and optimising the organisation’s awareness campaigns and digital marketing strategies.

“My role revolves around creating and running GiveToLocal’s online awareness campaigns,” said Seb.

“It’s my job to track and monitor our online collateral to see if people are engaging with it.

“I’m responsible for seeing if there is a real understanding and expected on-page conversion coming through and I also oversee how much traffic we’re generating through the website.

“Working on generating traffic to our website is something I really enjoy.

“I want people to come and visit our site because of the help we can offer and provide to community sports clubs across the UK.”

As well as managing GiveToLocal’s online strategies, Seb also has his hand in a number of extra day-to-day activities too.

Alongside his role as Director of Digital Marketing, Seb has also provided support to GiveToLocal’s Multimedia Team, in an effort to help the department learn, grow and thrive.

“One of the things I’ve also been a part of at GiveToLocal is to help our videographer Jamie [Finn, Multimedia Executive] to grow his skill set,” said Seb.

“Editing software can be quite tricky at the best of times, so I’ve tried to help him understand and learn how to use the software by guiding him through the process.

“Sometimes, people don’t realise how much goes into making a video. You’ve got to factor in colour correction, sound, positioning and transitions.

“Additionally, I’ve also helped out when it comes to filming for some of our videos too. A lot goes into filming and you have to be conscious of multiple factors.”

Seb has been thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback GiveToLocal’s digital content has produced so far.

“Being involved in digital marketing means engaging with all of the content that we produce,” said Seb.

“I absolutely love seeing the positive feedback on the videos that we publish alongside all of our other content.

“Seeing the positive messages around the videos and the feedback makes our content and our progress towards our vision feel all the more real.

“I really enjoy seeing all the clubs that have already benefitted from GiveToLocal.”