Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

Steve Harmison Supports GiveToLocal Ambition

Former England and Durham favourite Steve Harmison believes there has never been a better time for GiveToLocal to expand its groundbreaking service for grassroots sport.

And the ‘Ashington Express’ is confident that communities will continue to come together and grow stronger in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier this week GiveToLocal’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Colin Stromsoy, revealed there has been a flood of enquiries from sports clubs seeking to join our rapidly expanding community.

And an announcement is expected later this week detailing plans to open up the incentivised giving platform far beyond the grassroots football community.

“If there is one positive to come out of the coronavirus crisis it is seeing communities come together to support each other,” said GiveToLocal supporter Harmison.

“I grew up playing grassroots sport in a town where local clubs and businesses are at the heart of the community.

“Now is the time to support sport, business and the people who make a difference to our everyday lives.”

Harmison, who played in 68 Tests for England, was a key presence at GiveToLocal’s London launch, hosted by payment partner GoCardless late last year.

And GoCardless is one of a number of blue-chip organisations working with us to benefit grassroots sports and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We have been working around the clock to put new plans in place which, we hope, will have a lasting impact on communities across the UK,” explained GiveToLocal’s Chief Executive, Neil Gardiner.

“We truly appreciate Steve’s support and I echo what he says in every respect.

“If we can, then now is the time to expand the GiveToLocal community far beyond grassroots football.

“Thanks to the progress that we have made with our business partners during the last fortnight I feel we’re in a strong position to support sports and local businesses which are really struggling right now.

“We will be outlining exactly what we can do - and how we plan to do it - later this week.”