Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

May 23, 2021

We’re onto a winner with our webinars

GiveToLocal’s club launch webinars can make the world of difference to community clubs according to fans of our increasingly popular interactive sessions.

Every week we’re launching more and more teams looking to secure an additional £2,000 per year and we’re determined to make our webinars work for you.

‘Interesting’, ‘helpful’, ‘straightforward’ and ‘well presented’ are just some of the ways you’re describing our latest service.

Teams have the chance to win a £100 Kitlocker voucher when they attend one of our webinars - prior to their club going live with GiveToLocal.

And as grassroots sport looks to recover in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s great to see the GiveToLocal community so engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to launch with a bang.

Emsworth Town Youth’s Emma Taylor, who attended one of our webinars and won £100, thinks GiveToLocal will help her club massively.

“The webinar was really interesting and helpful,” she said.

“We have 13 teams and we can definitely raise a lot of money from GiveToLocal.

“There are so many clubs folding because of COVID and we’re really lucky to even still be here.

“I think GiveToLocal will give our funding another push. We’re a village community club so the ease of it is ideal for us.

“Getting the voucher was a great boost too and I was so happy when I found out we’d won. I told all of the coaches straight away!”

And Emma’s positive feedback was echoed by Reading Rockets’ Steph Johnson, who can’t wait to see what GiveToLocal’s service can do for her club.

“The webinar was really straightforward and clearly showed how this is going to help our club,” she said.

“We've called our GiveToLocal funding push 'Project 2000'. I think it’s really going to take the stress off us having to up all the responsibility on one person’s shoulders.

“With GiveToLocal we can turn it into a team effort and make it a much more appealing prospect for everyone involved.

“Obviously winning the voucher just made the experience that much sweeter!”

Leek Hockey Club’s Hazel Mycock found the webinar informative and easy to take in and she bagged a £100 voucher for her team.

“It’s always nice to win anything, particularly at the minute – I was really chuffed,” she said.

“The webinar was really well presented and easy to understand too. I’ve got some good ideas off the back of it and I’m going to present it to our management committee soon.”

South Ashford FC’s Andy Lister was over the moon to find out he’d won a voucher after getting so much out of his webinar session.

“I couldn’t believe that I’d won,” he said.

“The £100 will go towards some new kits. We normally wash the kits individually but with everything that’s gone on with COVID we might need to invest in some more because of all the risk assessments.

“The voucher will definitely help. It’s a big burden taken off of us as we try to get the club back on its feet.

“It’s about more than the voucher though. Through the webinar I saw how much GiveToLocal could do for us.

“It was good to see someone explaining everything and making it more of a tangible concept for us.”

GiveToLocal’s interactive club launch webinars are hosted every Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm by CEO Neil Gardiner, supported by members of the club engagement team.

If you would like your club to benefit from the support GiveToLocal is able to offer, start your registration via: www.givetolocal.com/clubs

Already started the registration process? Email team@givetolocal.com for an update on your club’s progress.