We're aiming to put £10 million a year into community sport

Working in partnership to support grassroots sport.

GiveToLocal’s main aim is to support grassroots clubs by helping them connect with local people and businesses from across their communities to establish secure and regular funding.

GiveToLocal work closely with key partners, including County Football Associations (CFA's) and others who play an active role to secure a positive future for the grassroots game.

Why partner with GiveToLocal?

Grassroots football clubs are a vital part of our local communities and provide opportunities for everyone to play football irrespective of background, skill level or ability to pay. These opportunities only exist because passionate, committed individuals across the country give up their time, week-in and week-out.

Despite their best efforts, too many clubs and teams fold every year and as they disappear so do the opportunities they provide. Our aim is to help reverse this trend.

Working closely with key partners, including National Governing Bodies (NGB’s), County Football Associations (CFA’s), Leagues, Premier League and English Football League (EFL) clubs and a range of well-known commercial brands, we are determined to support the FA secure a positive future for grassroots sport.  

Supporting the FA and grassroots sport

GiveToLocal is proud to support the FA’s Grassroots Football strategy. We share the FA’s vision of an inclusive game, being played more often and by more people across the country. We are determined that in our role and together with our partners we can help the FA ensure that not only are clubs more sustainable, but they can look to the future with confidence.

GiveToLocal is only available to those clubs who have achieved FA Charter Standard status. Where we have a partnership in place with a County FA we work pro-actively together and financially incentivise clubs without FA Charter Standard status to apply.

Becoming a partner of GiveToLocal

GiveToLocal is making a positive difference for over 30,000 teams across England and working pro-actively with a number of County FA’s, Leagues, Premier League and EFL clubs.

With enormous reach through our digital technology and team of people working across the country, get in touch to see how GiveToLocal can play a positive role in supporting your organisation make a difference to grassroots sport.

For a further discussion about being a partner of GiveToLocal, contact
Colin Stromsoy
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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