Focus Club Media Information

As part of our Focus Club initiative we want to promote your club as much as possible. The information you provide here helps us to do that. Here's a quick introduction from Justin to tell you more about it.
Give us your club name
Can you give us an overview of your club?
Things you may wish to include are: When it was founded; its broad history; how many teams it has; if it has boys, girls, disability and adult teams; and if it has been home to any famous members in the past. Please tell us about your volunteers, referees and coaches. Can you recall any famous or notable successes for your club? Essentially, this is the place to include anything you think is of interest!
How many members does your club have? (Please try to give as accurate a number as possible). The definition we are using for “Club Member” can be a player/participant, coach, volunteer or club official.
Now we have an understanding of the history of your club and what it looks like today, can you tell us about your hopes, plans, concerns and vision for the future?
Fantastic. We’ve got a great understanding of your club but we’d like to know more about you. Can you tell us how you got involved in grassroots sports, your role at the club and what motivates you to do the things you do? Try not to be modest!
Of course, COVID-19 has presented clubs across the country with an unprecedented amount of challenges. How have you and your club found the last few months?
GiveToLocal was set up to help clubs like yours secure regular, sustainable funding.  Is there anything specific that you like about GiveToLocal and the potential benefits it could provide your club?
How did it feel when you found out your club had been chosen to become a Focus Club?
Can you tell us what having new donors and sponsors supporting your club will mean?
Lastly, can you provide us with the name of any newspapers, magazines, radio stations or media outlets which are local to you in order for our media team to create a press release and request some media support for your clubs push as part of our initiative. (Provide as many as you like).
Upload your club logo
Please upload the largest and highest quality club logo you have. Ideally it needs to be at least 400px wide or tall and no larger than 10MB.
Max file size 10MB.
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Don’t forget to send a selfie video!

We are looking for at least 1 x video from an adult representative of your club, it can be either a member, coach, parent, club official or volunteer all they need to do is:
  • Stand in front of a plain background in a quiet environment.
  • Say “You can support my club through GiveToLocal.”
  • Send the video via WhatsApp to 0756 356 3459.
Thanks for submitting your club information and remember to register for the launch webinar on your clubs specified date.
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