Our aim is at least £10,000 per year for every club

Delivering real social impact through partnership.

We’re very confident that our route forward in partnership offers the ability to make a meaningful impact together – supporting the future of grassroots sports clubs that sit at the heart of our local communities.

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A word from our Founder and CEO

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your time meeting with our team and for sharing ideas in relation to becoming a partner of GiveToLocal – something we feel can make a really meaningful impact on the communities we are here to support.

We’ve had a phenomenal response and the level of interest shown from those within the corporate world has led to some thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging conversations across all sectors.  In light of the funding that we have available, we’re now at the exciting stage of looking to ring-fence funding in order to progress the partnership model with one organisation in each category – organisations where we feel there’s the potential for a perfect fit in line with a shared vision.

I am delighted to say that you have received this link as within your category, we feel a partnership with your organisation would be how we would prefer to progress as an organisation. If you feel likewise and would be interested in helping us to ring-fence the funding in order to make that happen over the coming months, it would be much appreciated if you would be willing to take the time to provide responses to the six questions posed by our funders below.

Neil Gardiner
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tell us why you think this partnership would be of value

Please answer all questions

Please give us your details

Why are you interested in securing the position as GiveToLocal’s exclusive partner from your industry/business sector?

How does a partnership with GiveToLocal align to your business’ aims/objectives?

In the short, medium and longer term, how do you see a partnership with GiveToLocal delivering value to your organisation?

If you were asked to quantify what a successful partnership would look like, what would this be? For example: increased brand awareness/a defined number of new customers on board/increased social impact etc.

If you progressed in this partnership by utilising our fully-funded option, in your experience what steps would be involved in gaining authorisation/approval in the future to transition into a paid-partnership?

A shared aim of this partnership would be increased awareness and engagement from clubs, as well as the businesses and donors who can support those clubs directly. Can you confirm that your organisation would be prepared to raise awareness of GiveToLocal, in partnership, throughout your staff base, customer base and partner/supplier network?

Thanks for submitting your answers we really appreciate it. Our partnership team will be in touch soon.
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