We're aiming to put £5 million a year into grassroots football.

£30,000 Giveaway

To be drawn on 18th December 2019

Entries close 5pm on 16th December 2019

• Valid entries must include post like, GiveToLocal page like, share, completed friends invite, have the word "invited" added to the comments and include individual team name in comments.

• Entries only valid from teams where the club has begun registration with GiveToLocal.

• Only open to UK-based clubs who meet minimum FA requirements, in line with registration.

• Recipients receive a total of £2000 per annum. Broken down into 1 x initial payment of £350 and 11 x subsequent monthly payments of £150 per year.

• Recipients club must have completed full club registration prior to funds being released.

• Recipients agree to participate in quarterly marketing and promotional activity, including photos, videos, providing comments and social shares.